OUR SUMMER in the Rockaways

Arts in Parts believes young minds are stimulated through creative problem solving, nourishment, artistic exploration and ecological engagement. By integrating diverse forms of art making with exploration of their backyard wilderness and oceanside, our summer camp hopes to provide the kids of Rockaway with skills to be shapers of a healthy community and world.

This coming Summer, Arts in Parts will explore all forms of water that surrounds our world and our Rockaway community. We will gather knowledge about our ocean and bay, challenge the ways we use and channel water's energy, and observe the outcomes when we engage with them.

Below is our schedule for the Summer of 2015.
For more information on taking part in our summer programming, e-mail ARTSinPARTS.ny@gmail.com

Week 1: WATER WORLD July 6-10

This week we will be exploring our relationship with water. We will be learing about aspects of water conservation, as well as looking at ways of spreading awareness and fostering interest about the amazing energy source that is our ocean!

Week 2: DOWN BY THE BAY July 13-17

This week will take us to the bay and back. Together we will , our Broad Channel Bay, and kayak through Jamaica Bay. We will also visit our nearby Edgemere Farm and learn from their waste and composting practices in comparison with our local landfill.

Week 3: H2O YEAH July 20-24

This week we will be looking more closely at the impact of our water usage. We will be visiting two farms and learning from their relationship with water, as well as how they aid in conserving water. Our time at the beach will also be spent re-imagining this resource that lies so close to home.

Week 4: OCEANUS July 27-31

Our final week of camp will look at the majesty of our oceans. We will travel near (our beach on 96th St.) and far (the Hall of Biodiversity at the Natural History Museum), all with the hopes of fully appreciating what we have. We invite everyone to come and enjoy everything we've learned with an Oceanus Parade on Friday July 31st!